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Different packages to suit your needs


from £35 pw

To include stable, paddock, and straw bedding from our own supply (while stock lasts). You manage your horses daily needs, and provide hay, water and any extra forage. 


from £110pw

A limited number of full and part stables are available. 
To include stable, field, straw bedding, up to 4 bales of hay per week and basic hard feed. Supplements and additional hay can be paid for and added if your horse needs them and you can opt for different bedding at cost. Any additional care such as wound management / dressing charges on as needs basis. 5 day care can be discussed.


Depending on needs

Short term holiday care for your horse while you are away. 
Training and development for either horse, or rider, or both as a combination. Cost will depend if your horse is to have full care, or be on a short term DIY basis.

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